Craig Perez for his purchase of Awesome San Jacinto on 3/17/17
Shawn & Donna Shelby for their purchase of HCL Rojo Rain on 3/28/17
Johnny Gonzales for his purchase of CVL Feisty's Belle Star and CVL Surviving Legacy on 9/3/17
Rhonda Arrington & Family for their purchase of two colorful bull calves on 1/11/18
Orchel & Jaema Krier (Newcastle Ranch) for their purchase of RRR Miss Holly and RJL Rhythm Trail on 1/12/18
Liz Davenport (Rock Canyon Longhorns) for their purchase of 4C Commanding April, 4C Fancy Victory, CVL Joyful Victory & Scottish Victory on 1/21/18
Henry & Andrea Wilson for their purchase of CVL JSC Homerun Hamerman on 3/20/18
Josh & Lauren Harmon for their purchase of CVL Impressive Victory and CVL Texas Strong on 3/24/18
Dr Ken Alford for his purchase of CVL Commanding Joy, Rustic Triple Six and RDM Native Dancer on 4/19/19
Major Harris for his purchase of Sittin Sombrah and calf on 6/14/19
Heath, Aspen, Scarlett & Simon Bowman for their purchase of CVL Miss Torne Snowflake on 6/22/19
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