WELCOME TO Clinard Longhorns

Located in Beautiful Central Texas

Clinard Longhorns is a partnership between Lonnie and Glenn Clinard, although we may have two different brands, all cattle are registered and marketed under the Clinard Longhorns name. As a father/son partnership we can build our genetics and market our cattle more effectively than running two separate ranches.

Our goal is to breed Texas Longhorn Cattle that are the “complete longhorn”, meaning color, horn growth, mothering ability and size are extremely important, but a docile disposition is the single most important trait in our herd. We want animals that can take care of their self without daily human intervention, but still be a cow that is easily worked and raises a big healthy calf.

Please look around at our animals and feel free to contact Glenn at 512-661-8058 to discuss any that might be of interest. We look forward to working with new breeders of longhorns, as much as we do established friends in the longhorn industry.

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