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Everyone has an interesting story on how they got into raising longhorns, ours is no different. What started as an opportunity to raise our own “roping cattle” turned into a passion to raise quality animals that everyone could enjoy. Lonnie and Glenn both team roped for several years and thought about raising their own roping cattle to use in the practice pen. What started off purchasing Corriente bull and heifers and grade longhorns eventually manifested itself into something different over the years.

In the early 90’s, Glenn started his first teaching job in East Texas in Kirbyville and become less involved in the cattle due to living so far away. However, Lonnie continued with raising roping cattle until meeting a man named Gary Scott from Caldwell. By the time their first meeting had concluded, Lonnie had purchased 5 head of registered Texas Longhorns and had made a friend and mentor in the longhorn industry. In the late 90’s, Glenn moved back closer to home teaching outside of College Station. At that point, Glenn became more involved in the longhorns and purchased his first registered stock from Gary Scott as well.

As the registered longhorn herd grew, Lonnie and Glenn started attending sales and learning about pedigrees and bloodlines. Meeting numerous breeders that shared the same passion and drive help the Clinard’s become more involved in the Texas Longhorn Industry.

The original brand 4C stood for Lonnie and Ruby Clinard along with their kids Glenn and Christy. However after Glenn moved to Rockdale from Anderson and married Shannon Voss, they developed a new brand the C Longhorn (C representing Clinard, the head representing the V for Voss and the horns forming the longhorn). Together these two brands make up one partnership CLINARD LONGHORNS; located in Rockdale and Caldwell, Texas.

Our passion is visiting with others about the benefits of Texas Longhorns and how others can become involved in an industry of the future that focuses on the past history of our beloved animals. We love to show our cattle to visitors and everything is for sale, just ask.
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