Check out our selection of heifers broken down by the year they were born. We leave our older heifers 2 & 3 year old labeled as replacement heifers until their first calf. 

We currently wait to breed our heifers until their 2nd birthday in most cases. We feel this gives these females the opportunity to grow horn and body without worrying about carrying a developing fetus inside of their bodies. This goes against commercial cattle procedures where most commercial breeders want to breed their heifers at 15-18 months old, so they have their first calf at 2 years old. However in the commercial market most breeds have a productive life until 11-13 years old before they are sold. In the Longhorn breed, our cattle are extremely fertile (productive lives) and have regular cases where they give birth to calves into their teens and even after they turn 20 years old.

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